SMC7004ABR uClinux Reflash Procedure

  1. Get SMC7004ABRV2-linux.bin firmware
  2. Login to the box via standard web interface
  3. Choose Advanced Configuration
  4. Choose Tools, firmware upgrade
  5. Select the file "SMC7004ABRV2-linux.bin"
  6. Select Apply, then wait until the firmware is loaded and flashed

Connect to the unit via null-modem cable. Terminal emulator configured at 115200 8N1, no flow control.

  1. Power cycle the box to get linux started
  2. Console should scroll the linux booting messages and eventually show shell prompt
  3. WAN interface is eth0.2, LAN (switch) is eth0.1
  4. More "is coming later"

To return to original firmware version, click here

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