Looking Under Hood: MN-100

Hardware Information

Vendor: Micro$oft
Device name: MN-100 Ethernet Wired Base Station
FCC ID : ???
OEM vendor: ???
OEM name/PCB: ???
Get wired to share your broadband Internet connection, files, and printers. This wired base station lets you connect multiple computers for fast file swapping, printer sharing, and multiplayer gaming
The network centerpiece for connecting multiple computers in your home or small office.

Internals Photo:

MN-100 PCB top view
MN-100 PCB Bottom view
Compare to MN-500 PCB top view!

Internal Components

CPU ARM7TDMI (???) based (no-mmu) - appears to be adm5106 compatible
Flash memory INTEL 28F160C3BC70
Total : 2 Mbyte
SDRAM memory Winbond W986432DH-8
512k x 4 banks x 32 bits SDRAM
Total: 8 Mbyte


J2: a standard 14-pin ARM JTAG connector
1 vddh (positive 3.3) 2 vss (ground)
3 nTRST 4 vss (ground)
5 TDI (pin 161) 6 vss (ground)
7 TMS (pin 164) 8 vss (ground)
9 TCK (pin 165) 10 vss (ground)
11 TDO (pin 162) 12 nRESET (not implemented ??)
13 vddh (positive 3.3) 14 vss (ground)

J3 : 10-pin UART connector
1 udcd# (pin ???150) 2.5v 2 udsr# (pin ???152) 2.5v
3 udi0 (pin ???154) 0v 4 -------
5 udo0 (pin ???155) 3.3v 6 ucts# (pin ???153) 2.5v
7 ----------- 8 -----------
9 vss (ground) 10 vddh (positive 3.3v)

Software Information

Original Firmware

Firmware upgrade is available from M$ website
Latest Firmware file use dlf format dissecated by Stas and Kai Gossner. Here is the tool to pack a new firmware.
Firmware is based on VxWorks OS.
Copyright string and version:

VxWorks (for KS32C50100 FOR ADM5106) version 5.4.
Kernel: WIND version 2.5.
Made on Nov 22 2002, 19:32:36. 

Reverse Engineering

Flash details (bootloader, initialisation and so on)
Registers values in runtime
Development Log Book

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